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Hello there! And welcome to MajorLeagueMommy.com. I’m Briana Marie, a 24 year old mother of two and the writer of MajorLeagueMommy.com. I wrote this blog as a resource for all parents looking for various resources to make this parenthood ride run just a little bit smoother. I had my first child when I was a Freshman in college and I spent many days educating myself on effective parenting skills so that I could be the best Mom I could be despite the circumstances. Since then, I have earned my BA in Communication and worked in the community with other young parents to help them through the exciting (and sometimes very exhausting) trial and error process of being a parent. Hey, I’m still learning myself. Major League Mommy is not only documenting my trial and error process but also assisting all of the other parents out there who just need a little bit of advice (or a sign that everything is going to be okay). I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to leave positive and helpful comments for myself as well as other parents visiting Major League Mommy. Happy Parenting! ­čÖé

***I am also available for freelance writing jobs and guest posting. Please contact me here with all writing job inquiries. 

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