9 Backyard Camping Ideas

I have another fun post for you all today. I recently did a quick fun little project with my 4 year old, ‘Ai,where we created our “Summer Bucket List Jar” and one of the things we had in our bucket list jar was to “go camping.” Now we figured it would be nice to find a decent campsite somewhere and go all traditional with it but we thought it would be an even better idea to do it right in the backyard! There are lots of cool ways to pull backyard camping off so if you’re thinking about adding this to your summer bucket list, you might want to first check out this list of backyard camping ideas. Enjoy!

  1. Pull out your tent and sleeping bags and have the whole family set up your “campsite” together. Make sure you have everything you’ll need for your camping adventure. You may want to consider pillows, flashlights, drinks and snacks, etc. The good news is, if you forgot anything, you can simply walk a few steps back into the house to grab it- super convenient.
  2. You can pull out your grill or opt to create a fire pit to really add to the excitement and grill up some yummy dinner. Enjoying dinner by a campfire certainly doesn’t sound too bad. 
  3. S’mores! You can’t forget to make some delicious gooey s’mores. I mean seriously, what’s camping without s’mores? This is the perfect dessert to enjoy after dinner. 
  4. Have a few backyard games ready to play. You can use some of the ideas here
  5. Make some DIY lanterns to have some cool lighting at your campsite.
  6. Use a sheet to screen an outdoor movie. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  7. Bring along some board games to play in the tent. 
  8. Read “not-so-scary” stories or have each family member share a campfire story. They can get as creative as they want. 
  9. Explore nature by having a scavenger hunt or making nature bracelets using products from the great outdoors. 

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