50 Small Business Ideas for Kids 

As many of you know my 5 year old, ‘Ai started her own Candy Bouquet business in 2016 and has actually found much success in it. Not only is she having tons of fun creating these beautiful (and delicious) Bouquets but she’s also putting extra money in her savings account which is AWESOME! 

Since beginning her own business, I have had quite a few parents come to me with questions on how they can help their own child(ren) get in touch with their entrepreneurial side. Well, I will have a detailed step-by-step course on business building for kidpreneurs coming to you next month so stay tuned for that and be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop. In the meantime, feel free to download and utilize this free resource and join our Business-Building for the Kidpreneur Facebook group to get those business ideas flowing. 🙂 

Small Biz Ideas

Happy Business-Building and Happy Parenting! 

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