5 Ways to Celebrate Preschool Graduation

My little big girl, ‘Ai, graduates from preschool on Thursday, June 16 and I am soooo excited! Excited isn’t even the word actually. But this is a huge milestone for us and I am already planning our little celebration. Nothing too major (we’re saving that for the high school and college graduation), but definitely something nice to show her how proud I am of her accomplishment. So, I thought and thought and thought of the various ways that we can celebrate my little Lovebug’s preschool graduation and I came up with several fun ideas and I decided to share 5 of those ideas with you. So, here are 5 ways to celebrate Preschool (or Kindergarten) graduation. Enjoy!

Put together a Memory Board of your child’s first years of preschool or first year of Kindergarten- This is a cool DIY craft that we will definitely be trying and of course we will be sure to share it with you all right here at majorleaguemommy.com!

Throw a partayyyy!- Get a yummy cake, some fun treats, good music, and special gifts for the new graduate and invite all of your loved ones to celebrate with you. Click here for some party ideas.

Get a special cake- Get a cute little cake made for the new graduate. Here are some ideas.

Take a graduation photo- Get your little graduate in a cap and gown and snap a few photos to add to the family photo book or try some of these fun graduation photo ideas.

Take a special trip to one of your child’s favorite places- This could be as simple as a trip to the zoo or a carnival.

We will more than likely be utilizing a combination of all of these ideas for ‘Ai’s preschool graduation this year. But whatever you choose,both you and your child are sure to have a blast. Feel free to share any of your ideas in the comments!

Happy Parenting!

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