30 Day Self-Care Challenge for Busy Moms

I am super excited for the New Year and I hope all of my fellow parents out there are just as excited as I am! I have so many awesome plans and goals set and I am ready to check EVERYTHING off of my list this year. I hope you’re ready to do the same.

One of my goals for the New Year is to spend more time caring for myself. Yep. As a Mother, our self-care often tends to get neglected but NO MORE! Now is the time to start making those positive changes in your routine and making your self-care a priority. Whether you want to lose weight, decrease stress, eat healthier, or whatever it is that improves your health for the New Year, I encourage all of my Mommies out there to take part in my 30 Day Self-Care Challenge. Each day you will have a new self-care activity to enjoy. This challenge not only gives you the opportunity to start setting aside time to care for yourself but it can also help you discover which self-care activities you would like to do more of so you can schedule them into your calendar each day (or week or month).  Download your free 30-Day Self Care Challenge printable below and get started righttttt now! 🙂 


Wishing you all much success! Happy Parenting!

What are some of your goals for the New Year? Comment below! 🙂





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43 thoughts on “30 Day Self-Care Challenge for Busy Moms

  1. Definitely like the idea of a 30-day self-care challenge. I have to start eating better (just less really) and exercising more.

    1. I like to do yoga so my plan is to be more consistent with it this year. 😊

  2. So glad you’ll be practicing more self care next year! Have a happy new year!

  3. I’m not a mother, but I love this list! I could definitely incorporate some of these things into my days 🙂


    1. This challenge can work for Anyone not just Moms.:)

  4. These are great tips for everyone! Taking time for yourself is so important!

  5. This looks fun and one of my objectives for the new year was to make more time for myself. Your list gives a variety of good options to start or end a day with a little something for me. Me is always forgotten through the busy day.

    1. It’s so easy to forget to do those little things for yourself sometimes! This challenge helps to make self-care a priority

  6. This is going to be so helpful, even for me as a student.
    It’s so easy to neglect our health and our well being but there really is no valid excuse for doing that!
    Self care is key.

  7. This is great! You are absolutely right that our care as Mom is the first to be neglected. I really want to take the challenge but nervous that I won’t be able to complete it. Gonna give it a go anyway!

    1. Just give it a try! There’s no special rules here. 🙂

  8. A great start to the New Year. We often ignore ourselves and put the children first, we need to make more time to do something for ourselves.

  9. I love the idea of this challenge specifically for moms!! Self care is so so important!

  10. I love this list. I know reading a book has always helped me out. I love to read.

    1. Same here. I need more hard copy books. I have lots of eBooks downloaded.

  11. blair villanueva

    Wow another challenge for this year! I admire that you came up on making this 30-days challenge, how i wish am diligent for this, hahaha. Am a type of being spontaneous and I like it.

    1. Lol. You should give it a try. Add your own flair to it. 😉

  12. This challenge looks like such a fun and great idea! Best of luck on your endeavor with it! <3

  13. Great reminder. I spend too much time caring for everyone else I think that’s why I’ve been down sick so long. My body needed the rest.

    1. Yes! Rest is so extremely important and many of us often neglect ourselves and spend more time helping others. No more. Happy New Year!

  14. Oh I am loving this 30-day challenge self care challenge. I want to try something similar

  15. I love the idea of a 30-day self-care challenge.e One of my goals for this year is to have more family game nights.

    1. Omg! I love that idea. I think I’ll try to incorporate more family game nights as well.

  16. I definitely believe us mom need some “me” time always feel better after working out and a spa visit.

  17. DogVills

    I’ve never thought about this before! It’s so nice to have an 30 challenge for yourself, that is different and exciting.

    1. I thought it was a pretty good idea. Especially for Moms because it can be so easy for us to forget to take time out for ourselves.

  18. I have seen this and really liked the ideas. I need to copy it and post it on my mirror. I have actually done 1, 2 and 3 as yesterday I did a 1st day hike at my local state park and that was by myself so there was a lot of reflecting and mediation in the quiet fresh air around me! Today was a my birthday so I picked up my free smoothie at Tropical Smoothie. It’s not exactly nutritious but it has chocolate and coffee in it so it is delicious! I think we mom’s need a list so we can follow through, check it off and make sure we get some me time!

    1. Yay! Happy Birthday! And I definitely need a list. It helps a ton!

  19. Lakisha

    Omg meditation and yoga has helped me out SO SO MUCH! It changed my life in so many ways, I’m more calm and balanced.

    1. Same here! I highly recommend it!

  20. Chante Burkett

    this is such a great idea, I’m def going to look into this

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  22. Oindrila

    How beautiful and thoughtful list it is. 🙂 I’ll definitely ask my mom t give it a try.

    1. It will be super helpful. 🙂

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