21 Cool Birthday Party Decor Ideas for Children 

We just celebrated ‘Ailani’s 5th birthday last month (you can check out her Olympic themed celebration here) and we will be celebrating Aralynn’s 2nd birthday in just a few weeks. I probably won’t do a big party for Aralynn- she’s still quite young and doesn’t yet care about all the fancy stuff- but we will definitely have a small gathering of family stop by for a fun themed celebration. Anyway, I always find party planning for kids to be lots of fun and even for those who are not planning a massive birthday bash, there are cute and fun ways to decorate your home or yard for a small birthday party. Check out these 21 Cool Birthday Party Decor Ideas.
(Please Note: This post isn’t geared towards Just one party theme. There will be future posts on one particular theme at a time so stay tuned!)

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Ceiling/Wall Decoration



Party Favors

Tents and Furniture

Hopefully this list helps you out with some of your party decor and theme ideas. I have a couple of ideas in mind for Aralynn’s birthday this year and will be revealing the theme in a future post so make sure you subscribe to catch that update.

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28 thoughts on “21 Cool Birthday Party Decor Ideas for Children 

  1. Such a timely post! Reminds me that I have a party that needs planning in the next few weeks. Time is running out!

    1. Thanks for reading. I’m sure you can pull together a lovely little party just in time for the big day. I’m rooting for you!

  2. Party tents seem like such a cool idea!

    1. I love party tents. They’re one of my must-haves for a backyard party. Thanks for reading!

  3. tootsmomistired

    I’ve never even thought of party tents! I’ll need to remember this for my daughter’s birthday next summer! Thanks!

  4. We’ve just celebrated my daughter’s sixth birthday. I think she’d love the first backdrop… the scary-gothy looking type. Yep, she’s into that right now 😉

    1. My daughter is 5 and she really liked the first backdrop. Lol. I guess that’s just the thing for little girls now. Haha.

  5. Is it crazy we are 6 months out from Izzy turning two and i’m already planning? LOL

    1. Not crazy at all. Lol. Usually the day of the girls’ birthday I’m already making plans for what I want to do NEXT YEAR. Haha.

  6. That first backdrop with the tree is so magical!!!

    1. It’s seriously one of my faves!

  7. Thanks for the ideas, I have a 1st birthday coming up

    1. Ooo, that’ll be fun. Thanks for reading.

  8. I’m into the ceiling decorations. I think they are cute, plus the kiddos can’t reach them. They entertain for the entire party.

  9. I love this ideas. We just celebrated a summer birthday but we will.soon celebrate a winter one and you gabe me plenty of ideas

    1. We just celebrated a summer birthday as well. Now we have another one coming up in October! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  10. These are great ideas. My mom used to throw us great parties when we were kids I hope to do the same with mine. 😀

    1. Such wonderful memories. Thanks for reading!

  11. I loved your kid’s name. They sound unique. Which language is it? For eg. In our culture we often put names which have Arabic origins.

    Isn’t it always a wonderful affair to host a party?! I love the decoration part of it.

    1. Thank you. Her name is Hawaiian. And yes, I absolutely love decorating for parties. So much fun!

  12. The party tent idea is a great one! I have never thought of that but it makes sense. More space for fun!

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for reading.

  13. I love the tents! I also like the puppy favor boxes. I’d like to have a puppy party for my son at some point. I’m thinking of skipping a 2nd birthday party, too. But I love throwing parties so much! haha

    1. Im in love with the puppy party idea! You should definitely do a puppy party for your son. That would be awesome. I love throwing parties as well. So much fun. Thanks for reading!

  14. khoner001

    Such cute ideas! I love going all out for parties whether it’s for me or my little ones! Will bookmark for future reference 🙂

    1. Same here! Lol. Thanks for reading.

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