15 Ways To Include Children Into Your Workout Routine 

As a parent your schedule can get a bit hectic and free time without the kiddies can be a rare occurrence. I know I hardly ever get my “free time” to myself and therefore certain things such as trips to the gym don’t usually happen. However, I don’t let being a Mom deprive me of a good workout. Staying in shape is very important to me (especially since I have two extremely energetic little ones at home) so I like to include my girls in my workout. Not only do I get some much needed exercise, but the little ladies also get a workout AND we get to spend some quality time together. If you’re wondering how you can do the same, then read on. Enjoy! 

1. If you have more than one child, have a race! Carry one child on your back and race the other then switch.

2. Use your child as a weight and do some squats or crab walks. For the crab walks, the child can ride on your waist. For the squats, your child can rest on your back as they would during a piggy back ride. 

3. Do a set of push-ups with your little one on your back.

4. Go swimming and try a few of these fun games. 

5. Go for a simple walk at a park or through your neighborhood. Small children can ride in a wagon or stroller and older kids can ride a bike. You could also just go for a family bike ride.

6. Go play at the park. There are soooo many ways to get a good workout at the park while playing with your kids. You can run, jump, climb, etc. We do this a lot with our girls. You can even try pushing your child on a swing and doing a squat in between each push. 

7. Try a class for families such as an introductory swim class, yoga, or gymnastics for toddlers. 

8. Speaking of yoga, yoga is an activity that both you and your children can do together. I do this with my daughters a lot. Just roll out the yoga mats (or a blanket) and follow along with a video or come up with your own yoga flow. 

9. Put on some music and just dance! This is another one of our favorites- it’s so much fun and it’s a really good workout. 

10. Get the family involved in a charity walk or run.

11. Go paddle boarding! This is another really fun activity that offers a good workout.

12. Have your child straddle across your hips and try a few hip thrusts.

13. Have a hula hoop contest.

14. Play a game of hop scotch. 

15. Go skating as a family. You can skate through the neighborhood or go visit an actual skating rink- either way, you’ll get a really good workout. 

I hope this list helps you out quite a bit. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. Also, let me know if you’ve decided to try out one of the workouts listed here with your family. Thanks for stopping by MajorLeagueMommy. Happy Parenting! 

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