10 Valentine’s Day Ideas I am Absolutely LOVING This Year! 

In honor of Valentine’s Day and this season so heavily focused on LOVE, I will be doing several posts this month on things that I am currently LOVING. I encourage you all to focus more on the things that you love as well. Today I will be talking about some of the fun Valentine’s Day products, activities, recipes, etc. that have definitely caught my attention this year and instantly made me fall in love. Check it out below!

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Vision Words Love Sticky Notes

OMG. I am absolutely loving these Love Sticky Notes from Vision Words. They come in a set of 50 and these visual affirmations are just awesome, awesome, AWESOME. These are so perfect for Valentine’s Day and the best part about it is that they are appropriate to use even AFTER the Valentine’s Day festivities! I’m actually giving away a set of these Love Notes on my blog. Be sure to click the photo to be taken to the entry page! 🙂

Scavenger Hunt Valentine’s Activity

Scavenger Hunt
This is such a cute idea for Valentine’s Day! My girls would have so much fun helping me make up a scavenger hunt for their Dad. We will likely be including this in our Valentine’s Day festivities this year.

“Bee My Honey” cupcakes

How cute are these little cupcakes? It totally makes sense why I am so in love with these. This is a cute little family-friendly Valentine’s Day cupcake idea.

Allergy free lollipops and FREE printable Valentines

Allergy free lollipops
Allergy-free candy!? I’m all in. I can actually distribute these to my daughter’s classmates worry-free. There’s also some cute little printables here that we can attach the lollipops too. This is the perfect treat for us to hand out to ‘Ai’s classmates!

Heart Shaped Pancakes 

Heart-shaped pancakes
I just love holiday-themed meals and these heart-shaped pancakes are the perfect idea for a Valentine’s Day breakfast in my household. I’m definitely in love with these.

Super Cute DIY “You’re Sweet” Valentine’s Day card

I’m obsessed with fun little DIY projects. I had already been planning since last year to do DIY Valentine’s Day cards for my girls’ classmates this year. So, when I saw this idea I instantly fell in love. Not only does it make for a fun little project but they provide you with the tools you need to make it right on their site. I LOVE IT!

100 Creative Ways to say “Thank You” to your Husband

WOW. Use these ideas along with the Love Notes mentioned earlier and you will DEFINITELY take your relationship to new heights. These are such awesome ideas- definitely another Winner!

Love Kids Valentine’s Day PJs

Every year we do a Valentine’s Day-themed photo shoot with the girls and this year…. I’m thinking they’ll be taking their pics in PJs because I am LOVING these!

Red Velvet and Strawberries & Cream Cookies

Did you catch our Valentine’s Day cookies recipe? The girls really loved the red Velvet with cream cheese frosting sandwich cookies. I must admit, I fell in love with the Strawberries & Cream Sandwich Cookies. Click the photo to view the recipe.

Valentines Day Destiny Candles

Okay, these are just freakin AWESOME! There is no wonder why these Candles made my list of things I am LOVING. Not only do they come in yummy scents but they also melt down to reveal a piece of jewelry that is valued anywhere from $10 to $10,000. AND it’s made from all natural ingredients! How awesome is that!?

What are some Valentine’s Day products and activities that YOU are currently loving? Share in the comments below! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “10 Valentine’s Day Ideas I am Absolutely LOVING This Year! 

  1. I love the scavenger hunt idea! I could see us and the girls having lots of fun with that! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! I think the scavenger hunt is such a cool idea! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. So many great ideas! I love the sticky notes…I’m definitely going to do that with the Hubs this year!

    1. You should! I think it’s such a fun idea.

  3. I love the kids Valentine`s day PJ and the candles very much. They are my favorites.

    1. Those candles are so awesome. I’m obsessed with candles anyway but these are really cool.

  4. I am not a major fan of Valentine’s Day. I just don’t care for the commercialism of the day. But I really like these ideas. I especially like the candle. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I get super excited about almost any holiday. Lol. I will find any reason at all to Celebrate and get festive. But Valentine’s Day in my household is more of a family-friendly celebration. 😊

  5. Love these ideas for Valentines. This year not sure what we really going to do. I was thinking on making a nice dinner for my husband and the girls. But can’t make up my mind yet. I love scavenger hunting ideas they are fantastic.

    1. That sounds nice too. We will likely be doing something as a Family for Valentine’s Day this year.

  6. Such great ideas for Valentine’s. I especially love adding small sticky notes message on Valentine’s gift and the picture of girls in PJ is so cute.

  7. So many cool ideas! I liked the heart shaped pancake. I can feel the love in the air 🙂


  8. I’m really digging the scavenger hunt idea! That would be so much fun and it could also be pretty active. I wonder how I can recreate this in a week…. off to planning!

    1. Isn’t that such a cool idea?? I love it!

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